Helping traditional retailers to refocus on relevance in the new shopping era

Connect StoreConnected Store advises retailers about the customer-facing technologies required by the new retailing environment where customers get exactly what they are demanding: a consistent experience across the multiple devices and shopping channels they need – online, on the move and in the store.

This means transitioning through technology-led innovation strategies, moving from a single channel business model to creating multiple channels, to connecting the channels, to blending the channels.

Connected store offers processes to assist retailers to evolve toward omni-channel retailing.

We work with a range of tested technologies and partners and have facilitated a number of significant programs.

Whether you need help to make sense of where your business should be headed, to audit where you’re at now or to plan specific initiatives, Connected Store can help.

If you prefer at this stage simply to round out your knowledge, we offer a range of eBooks and whitepapers which are free via this site with our compliments. We’ll also be happy to meet with you just to chat about new connected retailing.