About Connected Store

Connected Store puts the customer at the centre of retail technology strategies.

There’s so much great technology on offer to help retailers,  IT people are often tasked with reviewing the options.

However, whilst their expertise is important, this approach misses the point: customer-facing technologies should be all about the customer!

We believe that customer strategy should lead the way –  customer experience, effective communications, engagement, satisfaction, these are the outcomes and technology merely provides the tools to get there.

We can guide the strategic aspects of customer-facing tech,  as well as create the context-specific content the new tech will demand.

You could view Connected Store as a bridge between marketing and IT, between the traditional retailer and its new, anything-but-traditional customers, between the retailer and the technology vendors.

In fact, between a problematic present and a dynamic future.

We provide service on a number of levels:

  • Strategic and implementation planning consultancy
  • Software and hardware sales (with partners)
  • Content strategy and program development
  • Content creation and production
  • CMS/content management and reporting
  • Publishing and research

Please get in touch with us to see if we can add value to your innovation plans.