Products and services

Connected Store provides a range of modular end-to-end products and services, with bundles and solutions designed for small independent retailers through to major national chains.

Whether you are moving your business into digital for the first time – be it opening new channels digitising your displays – or seeking to enhance a particular aspect of your existing digital activities, we have solutions to help:

–       Technology, content and deployment strategy

–       Shopper behaviour and channel opportunity analysis

–       Content strategy, creative, production, licensing 

–       Content management, scheduling and reporting

–       Interactive and passive screens and media players

–       Project management

–       Support services

Our approach to specifying products and services

The guiding principle is to apply what’s right – for you.  Unless you have a very specific need, our starting point is discovery – what opportunities can be or have been identified, and what kind of technology exists to take advantage of them? How can you make a more profound impact on the customer throughout the buying cycles?  Are there legacy systems, impediments or restrictions that need to be considered?

Strategy work remains product agnostic. Only in planning do issues around selection, testing and procurement come into play.

Connected Store delivers products either as a reseller or through partners. We don’t pretend to do everything and our key partnerships can be counted on one hand. They are best-in-breed products and people we have done business with over a lengthy period of time and we know you can have total confidence in them. Where we don’t have hands-on experience in deploying a particular product, we ma  take a co-ordinating role and involve the vendor directly with you. Any such arrangements are transparent. Similarly, you may ask us to assess a particular technology that you are considering – we are ready to help.

If you’d like to engage with us we’ll provide more details about our services, the products we sell directly, and the partnerships we can introduce.