New report provides a “wake up call” for Australian retailers.

A new Deloitte report examines how the ‘digital influence factor’ affects decision making instore. It says Global brands have educated Australian consumers to expect internationally competitive pricing, an endless aisle and greater shopping convenience. Digital will soon be the deciding success ... [Continue Reading]

Google gets into digital signage

Recent news is that Google and signage hardware manufacturer AOPEN have gone into business together to offer the first range of commercial signage devices on the Chrome platform. This is the Chrome OS which is different from the browser. In other words it's an alternative to Windows ... [Continue Reading]


AOPEN makes multimillion-dollar investment in Melbourne for Gen2 Retail Evolution Lab

AOPEN recently made a big commitment in Melbourne opening a new technology lab to showcase the future of shopping and retail technologies, from transparent displays and digital labels to virtual touchscreens and waiter-less restaurants. It's the next generation of AOPEN’s other Retail Experience ... [Continue Reading]

Burberry’s Christopher Bailey discusses instore digital

Burberry has opened a flagship which merges the digital and physical to create experiences and push the definition of what is retail. "Everything we do with will be reflected in this space...a digitally enabled cultural space". We like the concept...and it's a beautiful video! ... [Continue Reading]


Turning ‘Point of wait’ into ‘point of sale’

Are queues at the checkout a retail fact of life? Well sure they were, but in today's environment when shoppers have the whole world of retail at their fingertips in a few keystrokes, if you're asking customers to queue up for more than a few moments you'd better have a good think about how ... [Continue Reading]

Customer satisfaction…what would Jeff say?

He's probably the most successful man in retail, certainly in the past few years. Jeff Bezos, founder and driver of Amazon, the biggest retailer on the web and arguably the inventor of modern ecommerce. Oh, and recent purchaser of the Washington Post. he's worth $28bn, was named Entrepreneur of ... [Continue Reading]

Intel's vision of the connected store

Intel’s work with AOpen provides a view of the connected store

Intel is focused on helping retailers adapt to the new digital environment. They've produced a very nice little interactive guide to the digitally empowered store here. ConnectedStore's partner OpenSign has done some great work in customising the Android operating system to deliver interactive ... [Continue Reading]

Did you know it’s really easy to deliver a digital customer experience instore?

One of the companies we work closely with is Melbourne-based software developers Blocks Global  which has partnered with global hardware manufacturer AOpen to design a brilliant omni-channel solution designed to be very easily deployed and used by marketing people without any IT involvement. The ... [Continue Reading]

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Deloitte tells it like it is – essential reading for retailers

Deloitte's annual 'Global Powers of Retail' report should be required reading for all retailers, it's heaving with fact as well as highly qualified opinion relating to both the international and Australian retail scenes. You can download the report here. We're quoting a lengthy section in full ... [Continue Reading]


The three most important steps to becoming an omni-channel retailer

If you understand why omni-channel retailing is so important (and as eCommerce and mobile use continues to grow why wouldn’t you), the next step is what to do about it. Maybe you’re not sure where to start. These three initiatives will help you organise your thoughts and project planning. 1. Open ... [Continue Reading]