The online fashion onslaught…multi-channeling is coming alive

It'd not even big news anymore: another international online retailer is reported to be planning to join the fray in Australia by launching a country-specific site here. This time it's Hobbs, last week it was River Island. The point is, it's another reminder that store-based Australian ... [Continue Reading]

An excellent overview about omni-channel retailing…in a few slides

It's definitely worth clicking through this quick slideshow which provides a thought-provoking and remarkably comprehensive overview in a few words about omni-channel retailing, why it's the way to go and how to embrace it.   The Era of Omni-Channel Commerce, and the Marketing ... [Continue Reading]

Free on-demand webinar series…Mobile, Social, Showrooming, RFID and more

We've been enjoying the Connected Consumer series of on-demand webinars which were captured when US retail industry leaders and experts converged last week to discuss several of the most pressing topics on the minds of retailers in 2013 and beyond. Good on Retail TouchPoints for hosting this ... [Continue Reading]

Shock (in a good way): Millennials prefer brick-and-mortar shopping

According to an article on mediapost.com, US research conducted by the Urban Land Institute reveals that Gen Y Millennials have not embraced ecommerce at the expense of other channels, in fact they prefer shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, showing a particular preference for long established ... [Continue Reading]


The third place – clues to the future of physical retail?

Anybody considering the future of retail should read this fascinating interview with sociologist Ray Oldenburg who talks about retail as the “third place”. He defines the third place as a public place where people can gather to put aside the concerns of home (the first place) and work (the second ... [Continue Reading]

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Report indicates business falling behind consumer expectations in digital delivery

The 2013 Optus Future of Business report shows 65 per cent of Australian consumers expecting to have access to the same service and features across an organisation’s digital and traditional channels; however only 12 per cent of Australian businesses are delivering a fully integrated channel ... [Continue Reading]

Kmart employs potty humour to push home delivery

Kmart has made a strong push to integrate its in-store and online commerce areas. It’s facing tough competition in that field as Amazon and Wal-Mart  continue to offer customers ever-more-convenient delivery options. KMart released a hilarious viral ad to promote it's home delivery service..and ... [Continue Reading]


A new role for physical stores

One of the problems faced by traditional store operators is stock management. It's almost impossible to hold the right stock in all the stores without rapid (and expensive) stock replenishment logistics, holding safe (ie excess) stock levels in stores OR facing out-of-stock situations and ... [Continue Reading]


An outbreak of peace between stores and online

As physical stores and online channels begin to integrate, at last traditional retailers can regain the advantage As Google and Amazon’s impending entry into physical store retailing demonstrates, a single channel is no longer sufficient, and as a result the lines are becoming vey blurred in ... [Continue Reading]


Pop up stores: the symptom not the solution

Pop-ups are popping up all over the place..arguably the novelty will wear out. So when considering a pop up, ask yourself... Why you would: It provides a chance to test a proposition or a geographic location with low commitment, and limited expectation from the public. Some shoppers like the ... [Continue Reading]