Free strategic blueprint for retail innovation directed toward an omni-channel future

We have seen enough technology poorly deployed in retail stores to know things don't always run smoothly. We have been involved with some projects which were cancelled after considerable effort had been expended by numerous parties because of inadequate planning and internal alignment. And with ... [Continue Reading]

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Deloitte tells it like it is – essential reading for retailers

Deloitte's annual 'Global Powers of Retail' report should be required reading for all retailers, it's heaving with fact as well as highly qualified opinion relating to both the international and Australian retail scenes. You can download the report here. We're quoting a lengthy section in full ... [Continue Reading]


The three most important steps to becoming an omni-channel retailer

If you understand why omni-channel retailing is so important (and as eCommerce and mobile use continues to grow why wouldn’t you), the next step is what to do about it. Maybe you’re not sure where to start. These three initiatives will help you organise your thoughts and project planning. 1. Open ... [Continue Reading]

IBM’s web-based omni-channel PoS software launches at NRF 2013

At this year's National Retailer's Federation get together, the big blue cannily launched it's Toshiba co-venture software in tandem with releasing the results of a study into new retail consumers. Craig Hayman, general manager of IBM's Industry Solutions business unit said  "The digital ... [Continue Reading]

An excellent overview about omni-channel retailing…in a few slides

It's definitely worth clicking through this quick slideshow which provides a thought-provoking and remarkably comprehensive overview in a few words about omni-channel retailing, why it's the way to go and how to embrace it.   The Era of Omni-Channel Commerce, and the Marketing ... [Continue Reading]

Free on-demand webinar series…Mobile, Social, Showrooming, RFID and more

We've been enjoying the Connected Consumer series of on-demand webinars which were captured when US retail industry leaders and experts converged last week to discuss several of the most pressing topics on the minds of retailers in 2013 and beyond. Good on Retail TouchPoints for hosting this ... [Continue Reading]

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Report indicates business falling behind consumer expectations in digital delivery

The 2013 Optus Future of Business report shows 65 per cent of Australian consumers expecting to have access to the same service and features across an organisation’s digital and traditional channels; however only 12 per cent of Australian businesses are delivering a fully integrated channel ... [Continue Reading]

Kmart employs potty humour to push home delivery

Kmart has made a strong push to integrate its in-store and online commerce areas. It’s facing tough competition in that field as Amazon and Wal-Mart  continue to offer customers ever-more-convenient delivery options. KMart released a hilarious viral ad to promote it's home delivery service..and ... [Continue Reading]