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The shopping experience – how to get it right…Lombok style

Too many studies to mention highlight the importance to retail customers of the shopping experience. But sometimes you get a fresh perspective on it. Recently I holidayed in Lombok with my family. One day we passed by a very basic thatched building in front of which sat an old lady operating a ... [Continue Reading]

Free on-demand webinar series…Mobile, Social, Showrooming, RFID and more

We've been enjoying the Connected Consumer series of on-demand webinars which were captured when US retail industry leaders and experts converged last week to discuss several of the most pressing topics on the minds of retailers in 2013 and beyond. Good on Retail TouchPoints for hosting this ... [Continue Reading]


The third place – clues to the future of physical retail?

Anybody considering the future of retail should read this fascinating interview with sociologist Ray Oldenburg who talks about retail as the “third place”. He defines the third place as a public place where people can gather to put aside the concerns of home (the first place) and work (the second ... [Continue Reading]