Did you know it’s really easy to deliver a digital customer experience instore?

One of the companies we work closely with is Melbourne-based software developers Blocks Global  which has partnered with global hardware manufacturer AOpen to design a brilliant omni-channel solution designed to be very easily deployed and used by marketing people without any IT involvement. The product, OpenSign provides an end-to-end solution for retailers wanting to go digital – it manages and delivers content to any screen: tablets, touchscreens and display screens (which could be in the store), websites and mobiles . Here’s the founder Paul Wilson explaining:

The component of OpenSign that is most unique is called Screener. It provides cloud-based delivery of any content to any screen from 10”  tablets to 65” wall mounted touch screens and lets you do whatever you do on the web…in-store! ‘Endless aisle’ browsing, video demos, Ecommerce, loyalty sign-up, social sharing etc are all easily done using conventional web tools meaning you can use existing content management processes and assets. And if you don’t already have web content management with built in customer database management, eMail marketing tools etc, one is available with Screener.

Other key Screener strengths:
– Connects to 3rd party CMS, ERP and other peripheral hardware devices (card swipes, movement sensors, facial recognition etc)
– Completely eliminates the need for signage software; no new learning, no new operational failure points
– Remote device monitoring and management
– Continues to operate even if internet connection is lost
– Simple to activate sites – no local IT requirement
– Integrates Google Analytics interaction tracking – so you know what customers are doing
– Omni-channel content transfer lets customers send information from the store based touch devices straight to their phone for later consumption, transaction or sharing

Screener is offered through a partnership with screen manufacturer AOPEN which is part of Winstron, a Global Fortune 500 company with revenues US$22bn. The AOPEN deal means the product can be economically bundled on a range of  tablets, large format interactive screens and media players specially designed for in-store heavy duty usage. They offer 3g and wi-fi options for simple installation without cabling.

Recent recipients of a 2013 Victorian iAward for innovation, it’s no wonder Blocks is in the news:

If you’d like to know more about OpenSign or are interested in trialling it in your retail (or other) environment, get in touch with us.