Digital merchandising; your secret weapon against ADD

What’s ADD we hear you asking? It’s Analogue Deficit Disorder – and your customers are afflicted with it.

If you spend money on printing and distributing paper-based p[oint of sale, you’re running and expensive (not to mention environmentally questionable) wallpaper operation.

Digital merchandising is perhaps the most impactful step you can take to revolutionalise your in-store messaging. The common components of digital merchandising include:

Digital displays and signage – screens and videowalls

Touchscreens, kiosks and tablets – both for customer and staff use

QR code displays linked through to your app or M-site

Geo-location apps

There are multiple and profound benefits to be gained: a more dynamic store environment, more effective customer engagement, assisted selling tools including video demos etc, instant access to in-depth specialist knowledge for your sales staff, marketing nimbleness with instant price changes, smaller store footprints, monetisation of store traffic.

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Digital merchandising