Free on-demand webinar series…Mobile, Social, Showrooming, RFID and more

We’ve been enjoying the Connected Consumer series of on-demand webinars which were captured when US retail industry leaders and experts converged last week to discuss several of the most pressing topics on the minds of retailers in 2013 and beyond. Good on Retail TouchPoints for hosting this series.

The webinars have been captured so you can watch them anytime. It’s free to register and then you can watch the whole series. Topics include

  • Mobility In Retail Today
  • Social Media For Retail
  • Embracing Analytics To Boost Profits And Loyalty
  • Leveraging The Power Of Data
  • Cabela’s: Adding Context To Next Generation Marketing
  • The RFID Tipping Point
  • Emracing Showrooming

The Series is listed here.

Enjoy being stimulated.