Free strategic blueprint for retail innovation directed toward an omni-channel future

We have seen enough technology poorly deployed in retail stores to know things don’t always run smoothly.

We have been involved with some projects which were cancelled after considerable effort had been expended by numerous parties because of inadequate planning and internal alignment. And with other that were ultimately successful but could have happened more quickly and at lower cost had more care been applied up front.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but so is learning lessons.

PORAPEX cover image

PORAPEX cover image

That’s why we’ve developed a strategic planning framework which is ready to assist retailers to:

  • Identify the right internal resources
  • Clarify objectives and measures of success
  • Secure internal alignment and support
  • Highlight barriers to success internal and external
  • Assess and cost the appropriate technologies
  • Stage testing and implementations
  • Test, optimise and refine for continuous improvement

Because everybody needs and acronym, our process is called PORAPEX: People, Objectives, Readiness, Plan, Execute.

We have summarised our approach in a document you can access here. We hope you find it useful, and will be very happy to discuss further our experience in delivering digital technologies at store.