Kmart employs potty humour to push home delivery

Kmart has made a strong push to integrate its in-store and online commerce areas. It’s facing tough competition in that field as Amazon and Wal-Mart  continue to offer customers ever-more-convenient delivery options.

KMart released a hilarious viral ad to promote it’s home delivery service..and it worked. Since it was posted on YouTube on April 10, it’s been viewed more than 9.6 million times and counting.


The shipping service was actually launched a little over a year ago, but “we’re just starting to advertise the technology and capability,” says Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler, a spokeswoman for Sears Holdings (SHLD), which owns Kmart.

Right now, Sears and KMart need all the success they can get. “They’ve had such a hard time since merging with Sears, closing stores, and developing an identity,” says Ronald Goodstein, associate professor of marketing at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Sears has seen its domestic same-store sales decline for seven consecutive years.