Mobiles and stores. A new cocktail.

Mobiles are the closest you’ll ever get to your customers’ wallets. Smartphone penetration is above 65% in Australia and mobiles are anticipated to influence one in every five retails sales by 2016. Take everything you’ve heard about mobiles and add to that mobile wallets and NFC which are both around the corner.

According to Neilsen’s 2013 report on mobiles, in Australia 60% of smartphone users browse the internet with their phone, 40% use it for banking, 14% for scanning, 25% for mobile shopping, 58% for social networking and 21% use shopping apps.

All the trends point to one thing: Mobile usage is perhaps the most critical issue facing traditional retailers today.

Retailers are confronted by an array of options; shopping apps, M-sites, check in apps, barcode and QR scanning, comparative shopping sites and apps, showrooming, geo-fencing and much more are all being used (or very shortly will be) by at least one of your competitors, no matter what category you’re in.

Here’s a quick case study of just how mobile use can impact on retail.  Shopkick in the USA is a mobile-based retail loyalty app – in Connected Store’s view the best loyalty technology ever created. Shopkick drove $200M in revenue for its retailers in 2012. American Eagle’s EVP Fred Grover said “Our Shopkick customers buy twice as often as a non-Shopkick user and have helped increase in-store traffic.” Nielsen ranked shopkick as the most widely used shopping app in the real world in 2012 (more than any physical retailers’ own apps), and as the most engaging shopping app (min spent/user). One of its partner retailers (which include Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, American Eagle – about 7,000 stores) is estimating $50 million in measurable incremental revenue as a result of the shopkick mobile app.

Where do you begin?

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