Omni-channel retailing. The game’s changing again. This time, for the better.

Historically, a retailer’s channels would be brick and mortar stores, mail order catalogues…and that’s about it. And for most retailers, nothing’s changed! But it needs to because along with the internet a number of other channels and models evolved to compete for business.

Information-hungry, price-savvy, and mobile-empowered shoppers expect a one-screen, one-store consistent experience across retail channels and touch points. This means a move from “connecting the channels” to “blending the channels.”

As a traditional retailer, you’ve lost share to the new online channels. It’s really about going back to basics: building your business around your customer. And now that your customer has gone omni-channel, so must you.

The challenge now is to move toward integrating them around your physical offering, creating a best of all worlds. No that doesn’t mean becoming an online retailer but it does mean using online channels. There are many ways to approach this and Connected Store is dedicated to help traditional retailers along the journey.

The novelty of online retail is now lapsing and customers are looking for the basics again – a great shopping experience – but delivered in new ways. Traditional retailers have a great opportunity that pureplay online retailers do not: they can offer the best that technology has delivered, but in the context of an exciting, informative, entertaining, engaging, tangible shopping environment.

You’ll win back your lost share … and some, as the Deloitte forecast below indicates:


Connected Store’s next ReThinking whitepaper provides a more detailed “What, why and how’ of omni-channel retailing. It’s free and available for download here.