Report indicates business falling behind consumer expectations in digital delivery

The 2013 Optus Future of Business report shows 65 per cent of Australian consumers expecting to have access to the same service and features across an organisation’s digital and traditional channels; however only 12 per cent of Australian businesses are delivering a fully integrated channel experience.

They expect to be able to use mobile (38 per cent) and social media (20 per cent) to interact with organisations in the next three to five years. But the interesting number for traditional retailers is that they still value traditional channels with 54 per cent ranking contact centres as their top pick for customer care and support in the next three to five years.

“Our research shows that consumers value online channels but not at the expense of traditional channels, signalling the need for businesses to focus on developing holistic strategies that blend all customer touch points,” John Paitaridis, Optus Business managing director, said.

“Australian businesses will also need to develop flexible long-term investment strategies that strike the right balance between digital and traditional customer interactions. Executing these strategies successfully will go a long way to meeting the rising expectations of Australian consumers.”

Connected Store believes getting these strategies right is critical to the future prosperity of retailers.